Penn State Football Roster – 2015

2014 Penn State Football Roster
Team celebrates an Allen Robinson Touchdown.

Below is a breakdown for the Penn State football roster for 2015. Currently, there are two tables: Full roster, and a scholarship outlook for the next few years. One Note: Anthony Alosi is still listed below. When we get confirmation on whether or not he’ll return, I’ll change the tables accordingly. (this is clearly old news now) Also, some of the positions are not accurate, since we just signed our recruits. As those become more clear over the course of the year, I’ll update the matrix with the more accurate positions. I’ll also update the matrix as we get new recruits.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave them in the comments.

Update (6/22/15):

I meant to update this after Blue and White weekend, but life got in the way, and have quite a few things happen at the same time. Without further ado, here’s a summary of what’s changed since February:

  • Added 7 new recruits.
  • Scoured the internet for any informaiton on walkons, so the list should be updated accordingly.
  • Updated player numbers, either new freshmen getting numbers, of people changing their numbers.
  • Updated positions switches.

New Recruits

  1. Zechariah McPhearson
  2. Danny Dalton
  3. Alex Gellerstedt
  4. Michal Menet
  5. Will Fries
  6. Blake Gillikin
  7. Connor McGovern

New Walkons

  1. Gordon Bentley
  2. Joe Berg
  3. Kyler Diehl
  4. Will Eikenberry
  5. Seth Ford
  6. Yannik Haller
  7. Jackson Erdmann
  8. Jordan Wombacker
  9. Jan Johnson
  10. Jake Metzer
  11. Josh McPhearson
  12. Evan Stenfield
  13. Javon Turner

Departed Players

  1. Da’Quan Davis
  2. Brad Bars
  3. Kasey Gaines

Other Updates

  • Nyeem Wartman is now Nyeem Wartman-White
  • Jordan Lucas is now a Safety
  • Brandon Smith is now a LB (used to be a FB)
  • Anthony Smith is now a Safety (used to be CB)
  • Dominic Salomone is now a TE (used to be FB)
  • Amani Oruwariye is now a Safety (used to be CB)
  • Charles Idemudia is now a TE (used to be LB)
  • Bryant Harper is now a Safety (used to be CB)
  • Jack Haffner is now a LB (used to be RB)
  • Adam Geiger is now a Safety (used to be RB)
  • Evan Galimberti is now a tackle (used to be garde)
  • Jordan Dudas is now a LB (used to be S)
  • Desi Davis is now a CB (used to be WR)
  • Christian Campbell is now a CB (used to be S)

That’s it for now. There are are a few discrepancies with player numbers (which you can probably tell by three players with the same number), but those won’t be sorted until everybody’s enrolled. I should have them sorted out by the next update, which will be closer to the beginning of the season. Until then!

Previous Entries

As always, let me know if you have any suggestions or if you see any errors. If you’d like me to add the position breakdowns back to the listing, let me know as well.

Green – scholarship player.
Orange – 2017 Recruit.
Black – walk-on (or status unknown) player.
Italics – used a redshirt year

2015 Penn State Football Roster

Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
9 Jordan Lucas 27 Adam Geiger 49 Brian Tomasetti 21 Amani Oruwariye
24 Anthony Smith 0 Bryant Harper 23 Ayron Monroe
27 Colin Harrop 2 Marcus Allen 14 Jarvis Miller
6 Malik Golden 28 Troy Apke 32 Joe Berg
0 John Petrishen
30 Seth Ford
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
36 Deron Thompson 22 Akeel Lynch 0 Neil Bodley 6 Andre Robinson Miles Sanders
29 Brandon Johnson 20 Johnathan Thomas
23 Mark Allen
24 Nick Scott
26 Saquon Barkley
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
0 Yannik Haller 99 Joey Julius
0 Jordan Wombacker
0 Nick Bouhermi
95 Tyler Davis
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
68 Kevin Reihner 72 Brian Gaia 67 Andrew Terlingo 52 Ryan Bates
53 Derek Dowrey 71 Brendan Mahon 57 Steven Gonzalez
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
10 Trevor Williams 17 Dad Poquie 1 Christian Campbell 4 Daquan Worley Lavert Hill
13 Jesse Merise 12 Jordan Smith 86 Desi Davis 17 Garrett Taylor Zechariah McPhearson
16 Devin Pryor 15 Grant Haley 29 John Reid
37 Kyle Alston 0 Troy Shorts
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
95 Carl Nassib 94 Evan Schwan 52 Curtis Cothran 46 Colin Castagna Shane Simmons
90 Garrett Sickels 92 Kamonte Carter
0 Lou DiBileo 30 Kevin Givens
97 Ryan Buchholz
48 Shareef Miller
19 Torrence Brown
49 Will Eikenberry
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
91 Tarow Barney 99 Austin Johnson 92 Joe Holmes 93 Antoine White Michael Dwumfour
98 Anthony Zettel 41 Parker Cothren 0 Robert Windsor
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
87 Kyle Carter 11 Brent Wilkerson 81 Adam Breneman 18 Jonathan Holland Danny Dalton
30 Charles Idemudia 88 Mike Gesicki 83 Nick Bowers
34 Dominic Salomone 89 Tom Pancoast
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
80 Matt Zanellato 7 Geno Lewis 85 Brandon Kuntz 10 Brandon Polk
86 Deshawn Baker 82 Gregg Garrity 84 Chris Geiss 3 DeAndre Thompkins
2 Jake Kiley 12 Chris Godwin 0 Irvin Charles
39 Josh McPhearson 5 DaeSean Hamilton 28 Javon Turner
89 Gordon Bentley 84 Juwan Johnson
89 Luke Vadas 45 Kyler Diehl
13 Saeed Blacknall 0 Tyler Shoop
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
71 Albert Hall 69 Adam DeBoef 75 Brendan Brosnan Alex Gellerstedt
73 Paris Palmer 59 Andrew Nelson 58 Chance Sorrell Michal Menet
79 Charlie Shuman 77 Chasz Wright Will Fries
74 Evan Galimberti 60 Noah Beh
76 Sterling Jenkins
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
37 Chris Gulla 0 Jake Metzer Blake Gillikin
92 Daniel Pasquariello 93 Robby Liebel
0 Jorge Powell
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
14 Christian Hackenberg 16 Billy Fessler 0 Jackson Erdmann Jake Zembiec
4 Tommy Stevens
9 Trace McSorley
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
42 T.J. Rhattigan 45 Adam Cole 47 Brandon Smith 31 Daiquan Kelly
35 Matthew Baney 11 Brandon Bell 42 Carter Henderson 34 Evan Stenfield
20 Jordan Dudas 8 Gary Wooten 36 Hunter Crafford 33 Jake Cooper
51 Drew Boyce 32 Jack Haffner 40 Jason Cabinda 0 Jan Johnson
38 Ben Kline 50 Mike Wiand 48 Ryan Ammerman 7 Koa Farmer
5 Nyeem Wartman-White 43 Manny Bowen
25 Von Walker 42 Troy Reeder
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
44 Tyler Yazujian 0 Kyle Vasey
41 Zach Ladonis 54 Sean Corcoran
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
66 Angelo Mangiro 55 Wendy Laurent 78 Tom Devenney Connor McGovern
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
0 Charlie Rist
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Recruit
57 Marshall Lefferts
73 Steve Myers

Scholarship Outlook Through 2017

  2015 2016 2017
Taken 82 72 54
Recruits Signed 12 N/A
Available 3 1 19

10 thoughts on “Penn State Football Roster – 2015”

  1. This is fantastic! I’m a hardcore fan who follows recruiting closely and I love this. I believe I read recently that they planned on moving Lucas to Safety and moving Amani O. and Christian Campbell to Corner. Makes even more sense looking at your terrific depth chart matrix. Please keep this going!

  2. Stellar work as usual, 79!! One quibble: In the comments, you show Brad Bars as departed, but he is also listed as on the matrix as a DE. Please clarify.

    Other than that, good stuff! It’s still a little scary to see the youth of this team and some gaps at certain positions, but the upward trajectory seems to be there.

    Thanks for doing this!

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